Fall is Here & Winter Is Not Far Away!
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Why Your Yard Needs Fall Clean-Up and Leaf Removal Services

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Why Your Yard Needs Fall Clean-Up and Leaf Removal Services

Fall clean-ups are just as important as spring clean-ups for the health of your landscape beds. During your fall clean-up we cut back perennials, prune shrubs as seasonally appropriate, remove leaves, weeds and debris from your beds and install fresh mulch if needed. Removing fall debris helps keep your plants healthy by removing debris that can harbor pests and fungal diseases. Fall clean-up are usually performed in November and December.

Leaf removal from your turf areas is also important for the health of your lawn. Leaves on the grass shade out your turf and harbor insects and fungal diseases. Our fall leaf removals include a final grass cutting to get your lawn ready for winter. Most yards with mature trees need 2 to 3 leaf removals per season.

February Garden Tips

The days are getting longer and if you look carefully there are signs of spring. Daffodil bulbs are peeking out of the ground and buds are swelling on some of the deciduous trees. There is always something to do in the garden so take advantage of any break in the cold to catch up on these winter chores.

Shrub and Tree Care

Deciduous shrubs and trees are still dormant enough to transplant this month, assuming the ground isn’t frozen or water-logged. Once the buds have begun to swell, it will be too late. Azaleas and other small shrubs transplant easily but moving large size plants takes considerably more effort and care.

Mid to late February is the time to fertilize shrubs and evergreens.

Use an acid type Rhododendron fertilizer (Like Holly-tone) to feed evergreens, conifers, broad leaf evergreens, Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camellias. Use an all-purpose fertilizer to feed Roses and other deciduous trees and shrubs. If you use granular type fertilizers, be sure to water it in thoroughly. A mulch of well composted manure is also an excellent treat for your trees and shrubs.

Prune your summer flowering shrubs now but be aware that spring bloomers already produced their buds last fall, and pruning them now will means you will be cutting off their flowers.

Forsythia, Quince, Spirea and other early spring flowering shrubs should be pruned later in the spring, after they have finished flowering. Now is an excellent time to prune Crape Myrtles. You can reduce the crown by trimming last year's growth and remove any suckers at the base of the tree. Please don't 'murder' your Crape Myrtles by cutting them back to the trunk. This causes them to produce lots of 'water sprouts' and sucker growth which reduces the energy available for the tree to put into flowers. There are so many varieties available, pick one that is sized right for your location and you won't need to 'murder' your Myrtles.

Pruning should be done to improve the shape of the plant, as well as to open up the center of the plant to good air circulation and sun exposure. Always start your pruning by removing all dead, decayed or broken branches. The methods of pruning Roses vary, depending on the type of Rose. Knockout Roses should be pruned back to 18"-24" before their leaf buds start to grow or 'break'. Climbing roses should be thinned out to get rid of last years tangled growth.

It's a good time to stroll around and trim back any branches that were damaged by the ravages of winter, pick up sticks that have blown down and clean up remaining leaves.